Egypt Group Travel

Egypt Group Travel

Egypt Group Tours

Dreaming of exploring temples and pyramids with a group of your closest friends? Group Travel to Egypt may very well be the perfect way for you to make those dreams a reality. Whether it's those ancient temples, or if you're rather relax and cruise down the famed Nile river valley in the Egyptian sun, a group trip is a great way to do it - having fun and making memories all at the same time.

Egypt Group Trips and Tours

Did you know that if you have enough people together in your group, you as the organizer can travel to Egypt for free or at a big discount? While in Egypt, groups can also get perks and discounts, subject to your itinerary and group size.

While you're putting together your plans, be sure to make your itinerary flexible, not a "one size fits all" travel plan. Everyone has their own interests, and with literally hundreds if not thousands of historic attractions, museums, and cultural sights, a single plan can't cover them all. So have your group tours and activities but give everyone plenty of free time to explore the places that interest them the most without feeling bad that they've missed out on a group experience, even if they want to sleep in and spend all day sipping tea in a cafe.

Finding a good travel expert to help you on making those Egypt travel plans can be difficult. You need to find someone who has the reputable contacts and connections to help you find the best things to see in Egypt, but you also want to work with someone who has actually sent groups to Egypt and understands the complexities of group travel to Egypt.

Egypt & Nile Cruise - 10 Days

This 10 Day tour includes the Nile River cruise and some of the most popular cities in Egypt.


  • Cairo, Egypt - 2 nights
  • Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt - 2 nights
  • Nile Cruise - 4 nights
  • Cairo, Egypt - 1 night

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Legends of Egypt - 10 Days

This 10 Day tour includes some of the most popular cities in Egypt as well as some time for relaxation.


  • Cairo, Egypt - 3 nights
  • Aswan, Egypt - 1 night
  • Luxor, Egypt - 2 nights
  • Hurghada, Egypt - 3 nights

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