Multi - City Vacations

Multi - City Vacations

Make the most of your vacation with go-today’s multi-city and multi-country travel packages. Let our trusted travel advisors guide you in selecting two or more destinations for you to explore. Choose from packages, such as Dublin and Irish castles or a Taste of Italy, based on your personal preferences and travel desires. Cure your wanderlust with a packaged vacation that takes the guess work out of designing a dream vacation for yourself and perhaps your loved ones.

Two Destinations

Dublin & Irish Castle
Edinburgh & Dublin
London & Amsterdam
Paris & Amsterdam
Paris & Dublin
London & Dublin
Paris & Milan
Madrid and Barcelona
Paris & French Chateau
Paris & French Riviera
Athens & Rome
Madrid & Castle Paradores
Barcelona & Pyrenees Paradores
London & Rome
Barcelona & Mediterranean Paradores
Madrid & World Heritage Paradores
Barcelona & Costa Brava Paradores
Paris & Bordeaux
Paris & Burgundy
Paris and Reykjavik
Amsterdam and Reykjavik
Madrid & Lisbon
Stockholm and Reykjavik
Copenhagen & Reykjavik
Oslo and Reykjavik
London & Reykjavik

Three Destinations

Budapest, Vienna & Prague
Dublin, London & Paris
Berlin, Prague & Vienna
Italian Highlights
Taste of Europe
London, Rome & Barcelona
Paris, Madrid & Barcelona
Italian Adventure
Madrid, Barcelona & Paris
Madrid, Barcelona & Rome
London, Paris & Barcelona
London, Paris & Rome
Rome, Florence & Tuscan Villa

Four or More Destinations

Best of Central Europe
Extended Best of Europe
Irish Castle Experience
London, Paris, Amsterdam & Rome
London, Paris, Florence, Rome & Barcelona
Alpine Adventure
Irish Countryside
Milan, Venice, Florence & Rome
Greek Island Journey
Paris, Rome, Florence & Venice
Greek Island Medley