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Wanting to explore the amazing city of Santiago or perhaps some of Chile's amazing rural outdoors with a group of friends? Group travel to Chile is an economical and practical way to explore this beautiful country. Whether it's hiking on glaciers or mountains to the south in Patagonia, or just hanging out in the glow of Santiago's cosmopolitan charm, your group will have a blast. And why not take the people you know and like when traveling so far to experience such an atmospheric destination?

Chile Group Trips and Tours

When planning your Chile trip, if you have enough people in the group, you as the host may be able to travel for free. Hotels and airlines provide free arrangements as a thank you for being the organizer of your group.

Considering that Chile has so much to offer spread out over a large area, you may be tempted to plan a full and aggressive itinerary. The most successful travel itineraries ensure that everyone has plenty of free, unstructured time on their own to pick and choose the excursions that most interests them; of course, this can be balanced with events perfect for groups. Every group has different needs and interests, but a good itinerary will understand that and take everyone on the trip into account.

Chile: Santiago, Wine Country, Easter Island - 10 days

Stretching hundreds of miles north and south along the Pacific Ocean, Chile is a country of great diversity in terrain and geography from desolate moonscapes to glacier-fed fjords, from the northern deserts to fertile wine lands and lush mountains and rainforests. The major cities have a European feel with lively neighborhoods, great shopping for antiques, alpaca sweaters or rare lapis, and fine eateries featuring fresh shellfish and the national drink, Pisco.


  • Museum Chileno de Arte Pre-Columbian - famous for its pre-Columbian art
  • View of the city from Cerro San Cristobal - 72 foot statue of the Virgin Mary
  • Wine tour and tasting near Vina del Mar and Cachapoal Valley
  • Giant Moai statues on Easter Island including the biggest one: Akahanga
  • Cloud Forest of Santa Elena Reserve
  • Rano Kao volcano, Cultural Center of Orongo

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Chile and Argentina: Santiago, Lake District, Buenos Aires - 10 days

The major highlight of this trip is the scenic lake crossing from Chile to Argentina. The spectacular Andes Mountains and lush forests surround the deep crystal blue waters that make up your route from Puerto Varas, Chile to Bariloche, Argentina. Surrounded by piercing mountain peaks, this area has been compared with Switzerland for its majestic beauty and quaint atmosphere. Visitors make the crossing via a series of boats and coaches through the spectacular scenery of the two bordering countries.


  • Museum Chileno de Arte Pre-Columbian - famous for its pre-Columbian art
  • Chilean Winery Tour in Cachapoal Valley
  • Cruise between the two countries on Todos Los Santos Lake and Lake Frias
  • Chocolate tour in the lakeside mountain resort town of Bariloche
  • Gauchos on their horses perform over BBQ lunch
  • Boat ride down the Tigre & Delta Rivers near Buenos Aires
  • Argentine Dinner Show with Tango Lessons

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