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Go-today supports you at every turn in your travels. From planning amazing journeys through post trip reviews, our travel experts provide superior customer service.

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We understand that every traveler is an individual and that every vacation is a one-of-a-kind experience. Sometimes resolutions are simple and other times they can be quite complex. It is the mission at go-today to stay by your side throughout any travel situation as part of our excellent customer service. Whatever issues you are experiencing during the planning stage, while on your trip, or when you return, go-today is with you. From assistance with arranging for special diets during air travel to finding accommodations that work for your health situation, go-today is on your travel team. We work with travelers to provide the best customer service program.

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Traveling is a life changing experience. It is also an investment of your time, money and energy. Go-today is ready to support your travel plans whether you are cruising the Greek Isles or sightseeing in Rome. It is our goal to provide you with the utmost travel assistance at every step of your trip.

If you feel that your travel needs have not been fully satisfied, then please let our customer service team know about the situation. Please use the Contact Us form above, selecting Customer Service as the department. Go-today strives to provide you with the service you deserve. We will actively listen to you and work on your behalf to find the source of the issue. After a thorough investigation and review , we will come to a resolution. Go-today wants you to be satisfied with your travel experience, which means we'll work hard to meet your expectations.