Multi-City Vacations
Multi-City Vacations
Two Destinations

Paris & Burgundy (6 Hotel Nights)
Perhaps best known for its locally produced mustard, Dijon is one of the most charming and walkable cities in France. Traveling from Paris through the beautiful Burgundy region is a feast for the senses and with such a rich history - be sure not to miss Dijon’s Musee des Beaux-Arts, one of the oldest museums in France that’s housed in the Palace of the Dukes of Burgundy.

Madrid & World Heritage Paradores (6 Hotel Nights)
Whether you prefer visiting one of the many art galleries and museums, immerse yourself in the exceptional nightlife or enjoying tapas dinners, Madrid offers a refreshing and fascinating change of pace. Then pick up your rental car and stay at one of the Spanish Paradores while immersing yourself in Spain's colorful history and culture.

Dublin & Irish Castle (6 Hotel Nights)
Discover the perfect mix of Ireland's modernity and Midieval history when you spend 3 nights in Dublin and 3 nights at a traditional Irish Castle.

London & Paris (6 Hotel Nights)
Experience your own Tale of Two Cities. Each city affords opportunities to admire renowned art masterpieces at a choice of museums. Nature lovers will enjoy meandering through Hampstead Heath in London and the Tuileries in Paris. Both cities display centuries of architectural styles, from the medieval Tower of London to the Gothic spires of Notre Dame. Sample the nightlife of these two European cities, whether it’s a tour of the pubs around Covent Garden in London or the bars of the Latin Quarter in Paris.

Madrid & Lisbon (6 Hotel Nights)
In search of a vacation destination that promises gorgeous weather, tasty cuisine, a wealth of cultural offerings - and a lively ambience? We’ve got TWO of them for you. Spend one week visiting Iberia’s two fabulous, Old World capital cities: Madrid & Lisbon. There’s something for everyone in these simmering, historic and vivacious cities! Both offer an array of activities for art fans, foodies, history buffs, soccer lovers and shopping enthusiasts. Enjoy fado, Picasso, Jesús del Pozo, flamenco, tapas, Moorish castles, vintage trams, bull fights, Velázquez, historic royal palaces, beautiful city parks, Belém tarts - or a Real Madrid game!

London and English Castle (6 Hotel Nights)
See all that this English capital has to offer during your three-night stay in London then pick up your rental car and stay in a historic castle in the English countryside for three nights.

Paris & London (6 Hotel Nights)
No need to choose between the cultural highlights of Paris and the historical attractions of London as this vacation package lets you experience both! Create your own tale of two cities as you stroll the cinematic avenues of Paris lined with the classical facades of elegant homes, boulangeries and small boutiques a contrast to the energetic London streets dotted with row houses, cozy pubs and bustling markets.

London & Rome (6 Hotel Nights)
London came from its Latin name Londinium when it was established by the Romans and became and important trade route between Britain and the continent. Remnants of those times can still be seen around the city in addition to popular sites such as the Kensington Palace, the Tate Gallery, London Eye, etc. Follow the Romans back to their city and explore the archeological relics of their empire.

Madrid and Barcelona (6 Hotel Nights)
These two cities in Spain could not be more different. Madrid’s best spots to people watch are its main plazas, Plaza Mayor and Plaza del Sol whereas Barcelona has its Las Ramblas where the entire city passes by. Madrid savors salty ham while Barcelona cherishes its bountiful seafood.

Madrid & Castle Paradores (6 Hotel Nights)
Spend 2 days in Madrid examining the treasures of the world-famous Prado museum, strolling through the parks, or enjoying tapas dinners. Then have an adventure staying at a Spanish Parador Castle for 3 nights before you head back for one more night in Madrid.

London & Dublin (6 Hotel Nights)
Compare and contrast two legendary cities, two distinct cultures, two beloved accents and some of the best pubs in the world with this magical 3-night London and 3-night Dublin vacation package.

Paris & Bordeaux (6 Hotel Nights)
Get a great feeling for life in France after 6 nights exploring both Bordeaux and the capital city of Paris.

Barcelona & Mediterranean Paradores (6 Hotel Nights)
Visit Barcelona and the Spanish Mediterranean coast with a 3 night stay at a Parador on the "Costa Blanca." A fantastic journey through the Spanish Mediterranean that you will never forget!

Barcelona & Costa Brava Paradores (6 Hotel Nights)
Visit Barcelona and the Costa Brava region of Spain with a 3 night stay at a Parador. The Costa Brava is a rugged and diverse region that stretches from the northeast of Barcelona to the French border. Explore many of its “hidden gems” and find your perfect vacation retreat.

Paris & French Chateau (6 Hotel Nights)
After three nights in a charming countryside chateau and three nights in the wonderful city of Paris, you might not want to come home.

Barcelona & Pyrenees Paradores (6 Hotel Nights)
Visit Barcelona, an avant-garde, internationally diverse city and then journey through the Pyrenees mountain range, Spain and France's natural border. No matter what time of year it is, the Pyrenees mountains always serve up a slew of exciting adventures, activities and experiences.,

London and Reykjavik (6 Nights Hotel)
London offers both casual and formal pursuits, from delightful parks and cozy pubs to stately palaces and venerable museums. Reykjavik combines the best of nature and city and is one of the trendiest travel destinations.

Amsterdam and Reykjavik (6 Nights Hotel)
Bike past shimmering canals and gable style houses on an adventure in Amsterdam before enjoying three days in Reykjavik , the northernmost capital city on the planet. Learn about early Icelandic life at the Arbaer Open-Air Folk Museum, quite a contrast from the modern thriving nightlife in the city???s hotspots.

Stockholm and Reykjavik (6 Nights Hotel)
From Stockholm’s Gamla Stan with its medieval streets and interesting architecture to Reykjavik’s simple white-washed wooden buildings and brightly painted concrete houses admire the architectural styles and beauty of these two enjoyable destinations.

Copenhagen and Reykjavik (6 Nights Hotel)
Denmark and Iceland both enjoy a maritime past and a reputation for cutting edge modern design. Explore the best each has to offer from the art and design shops of Skolavordustigur Street in Reykjavik and Copenhagen’s Stroget to the Reykjavik Maritime Museum and the Royal Danish Naval Museum.

Oslo and Reykjavik (6 Nights Hotel)
The Viking spirit is alive and well in Oslo and Reykjavik! Capture the essence of the Viking Age with visits to the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo and the statue of Leif the Lucky in Reykjavik. Both cities offer excellent shopping, dining and entertainment opportunities.

Three Destinations

Greek Island Hopper (8 Hotel Nights)
Discover the allure of the Greek Isles with this amazing vacation package that takes you to Athens, Mykonos and Santorini

Italian Highlights (9 Hotel Nights)
Explore Bella Italia with this three city package to these quintessential Italian cities – Venice, Florence and Rome. From stunning canals and medieval palaces in Venice, to Renaissance art in Florence and the relics of an ancient culture in Rome, you will not want to say arrivederci to these fascinating cities.

Taste of Europe (6 Hotel Nights)
Paris, London and Rome, Europe’s triple crown. Vacation in the three cities at the top of everyone’s wish lists. From the ancient history of Rome, to Dickensian London and the French Revolution each offers its own stories which capture traveler’s imaginations.

Rome, Florence & Tuscan Villa (9 Hotel Nights)
Explore the Rome of movies, from Spartacus to Gladiator and La Dolce Vita to Roman Holiday. Then live the dream staying in a Tuscan villa savoring the views of the gentle hills and sipping some spectacular local wine. Imagine the height of Florence’s glory when the Renaissance’s greatest artists breathed magic into the city’s statues and buildings.

Four or More Destinations

Irish Castle Experience (6 Hotel Nights)
Get the royal treatment with this 6 night self drive package while staying at some of Ireland’s finest Castles.

Irish Countryside (9 Hotel Nights)
Although cities have their attractions, one of the pleasures of a visit to Ireland is to get out into the green countryside covered with stone walls, sheep and quiet lanes. Stopping for a tea or beer at an inviting pub is part of the relaxed experience of setting your own rules and time. Especially when the other patrons spontaneously break into song and you want to linger to enjoy the experience.

Paris, Rome, Florence & Venice (11 Hotel Nights)
Indulge yourself in this fantastic trip to Paris and Italy where you visit three amazing Italian cities with this 11 night vacation package.

Greek Island Journey (12 Hotel Nights)
Start your journey in Athens and travel to the islands of Mykonos, Santorini and Crete.

Greek Island Medley (12 Hotel Nights)
Enjoy the Greek Islands with this package that includes stays in Athens, Santorini, Crete and Rhodes.


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