Travel to Japan
Travel to Japan

Tokyo Escape (4 Hotel Nights)
Have you always wanted to visit Tokyo, Japan’s colossal capital city? Well – as the Japanese proverb states “years and months wait for no man.” 2013 is an excellent year to go! And despite its distance, Tokyo actually makes for a pretty great escape. In fact - there is plenty to experience here in five days without ever having to leave. Whether you??re interested in shopping, modern architecture, sushi classes, tea ceremonies, shiatsu, sumo wrestling, samurai swords, the history of Japan, antique markets, Buddhism, folk art or Disneyland - there is something for you in Tokyo.

Tokyo & Osaka (6 Hotel Nights)
Have you always dreamt of traveling to the land of the rising sun? This good-value, 6-night vacation package, which includes airfare, hotel accommodations, breakfast and taxes, will take you to two of Japan’s most-fascinating cities: Tokyo and Osaka. Enjoy outstanding architecture, delicious local cuisine, and truly unique cultural attractions!

Tokyo & Kyoto (6 Hotel Nights)
Enjoy Japan’s immense beauty and engrossing history with this good-value, 6-night vacation package, which includes airfare, hotel accommodations, breakfast and taxes. With overnight stays in both Tokyo and Kyoto, this trip offers the perfect blend of past and present, traditional and modern, Eastern and Western!


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