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Travel to Iceland
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Iceland Getaway (3 Hotel Nights)
Experience the rugged beauty of Iceland’s magnificent glaciers, black sandy beaches, and immense waterfalls with our 3-night package to Reykjavik, Iceland’s hip coastal capital. Iceland is a land of with spectacular fjords, caves, dramatic rifts and geothermal pools. Your vacation package also includes a sightseeing tour to view the magnificent Norhern Lights.

Iceland Vacations

Iceland Escape (4 Hotel Nights)
Iceland: a land of astonishing natural wonders conveniently within your reach. This 4-night package features Iceland’s best natural treasures as well as 4-star hotel accommodations in Reykjavik, Iceland’s coastal capital city. While in Iceland you will experience Thingvellir National Park, home to the famed Lake Thingvallavatn, the incredibly scenic Golden Waterfall - and a day of relaxing at the Blue Lagoon's, one of the world’s most amazing geothermal spas. Flights, transfers, breakfast & a full day at leisure are also included in the package.

London & Reykjavik (6 Hotel Nights)
London offers both casual and formal pursuits, from delightful parks and cozy pubs to stately palaces and venerable museums. Reykjavik combines the best of nature and city and is one of the trendiest travel destinations.

Amsterdam and Reykjavik (6 Hotel Nights)
Bike past shimmering canals and gable style houses on an adventure in Amsterdam before enjoying three days in Reykjavik , the northernmost capital city on the planet. Learn about early Icelandic life at the Arbaer Open-Air Folk Museum, quite a contrast from the modern thriving nightlife in the city's hotspots.

Copenhagen & Reykjavik (6 Hotel Nights)
Denmark and Iceland both enjoy a maritime past and a reputation for cutting edge modern design. Explore the best each has to offer from the art and design shops of Skolavordustigur Street in Reykjavik and Copenhagen’s Stroget to the Reykjavik Maritime Museum and the Royal Danish Naval Museum.

Stockholm and Reykjavik (6 Hotel Nights)
From Stockholm’s Gamla Stan with its medieval streets and interesting architecture to Reykjavik’s simple white-washed wooden buildings and brightly painted concrete houses admire the architectural styles and beauty of these two enjoyable destinations.

Oslo and Reykjavik (6 Hotel Nights)
The Viking spirit is alive and well in Oslo and Reykjavik! Capture the essence of the Viking Age with visits to the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo and the statue of Leif the Lucky in Reykjavik. Both cities offer excellent shopping, dining and entertainment opportunities.

Reykjavik Escape (4 Nights Hotel)
Who says Iceland can’t sizzle? Check out one of the hottest trendy destinations. Swim outdoors in a snowstorm in a geothermically heated pool or explore Reykjavik’s hot bars and nightclubs. Investigate cutting edge design in funky boutiques or explore the rugged nature of spouting geysers and glittering glaciers right outside the city.


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