Iceland Escape Super Sale

Many of us think of Iceland as a very isolated country – and to be sure, it is.

It is where the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates intersect - as well as the North Atlantic and Artic Oceans. Its closest neighbor is Greenland, and even it is almost 200 miles away. It’s one of the least populated countries in the world. In fact, it historically has been so isolated that its language – Icelandic – retains many features from Old Norse back in the Viking Age. All of that being said - we’re here to tell you that Iceland’s isolation has in fact led to the preservation of its remarkable beauty and very interesting (European) culture.

The Nordic nation of Iceland is a land of magnificent glaciers, mountains and fields of lava. It is home to black sandy beaches, the Northern Lights, spectacular fjords, caves, dramatic rifts and immense waterfalls. It is a fantastic destination for travelers who like to ski, ride horseback, snowboard, climb, hike, golf, fish – or relax in its many geothermal pools. And while it may be isolated, from American and Canada – it’s actually quite easy to visit. You’ll be surprised at how much you can see and do here in five days.

In addition to flights, 4-star hotel accommodations, breakfast and transfers - this package includes two excellent sightseeing tours. The first, the full-day Golden Circle Tour, will take you to the spectacular Thingvellir National Park, to the Golden Waterfall and to a remarkable geyser geothermal area. The second tour will take you to Iceland’s famed Blue Lagoon, an indescribable geothermal spa whose naturally warm water, mineral salts, white silica mud and blue-green algae will give you a day of relaxation in one of the most scenic spots on the planet. As part of the package you’ll also have a free day to use as you see fit – whether you decide to continue exploring or to relax in Reykjavik, Iceland’s coastal capital city.

Don’t rule out Iceland as too remote to visit. On the contrary - don’t miss out on this marvelously unique world of magical, Nordic beauty.



  October 2011  


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