Travel to the United Kingdom

Travel to the United Kingdom

Experience a picturesque patchwork of English gardens, Northern Irish glens, Scottish Highlands, and Welsh mountains. It’s nothing short of epic.

When you travel to the United Kingdom, it might feel like getting four vacations wrapped into one, since the four different nations that comprise the United Kingdom each offer very different experiences.

England is the most populous part of the country and the one most frequented by tourists. That's because most arrive to England's largest city, London, where there is plenty to see and do: the Houses of Parliament, massive department stores, and beautiful green parks surrounded by bustling neighborhoods. London's great transport also makes it a good base for daytrips; popular options include the historic villages of Bath and York, as well as the working castle in Windsor. Hiking and biking in the countryside round out the options & even more reasons to travel to the United Kingdom

Heading north, much of Scotland's population lives in a central area between the two largest cities, Edinburgh and Glasgow. Edinburgh is Scotland's capital and hugely popular with tourists that visit for the many festivals, as well as the hospitality and Georgian architecture. From there you can tour the Scottish Highlands, where you will find breathtaking scenery and views; many drives up north here are said to be some of the best in the world.

The southwestern part of the United Kingdom is home to Wales, another scenic section of land. From the quirky castle in cheery Cardiff to the sunny shores along the Welsh coast, this area is often overlooked but should be a must-see. Many of the small villages are destinations in and of themselves, with quirky features and unpronounceable names.

From Wales, just west across the water is Ireland, and to the north of Ireland you'll find the last remaining nation in the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, accessible by ferry to its capital, Belfast.

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