International Budget Vacations You Need to Take

Budget Travel Vacations You need to take this year

When most people think of cheap vacations, they think about staying close to home to keep the costs down. This means that they limit themselves from seeing much of the world, because one’s own backyard can only boast so many wonders. The reality is that you can take affordable vacations and even travel overseas, if you know what destinations to choose and how to plan. Here are some exotic, historic, and adventurous locations to choose from as you hit the road on a budget.

Take in Europe’s Rich History on the Cheap

Europe is rarely considered a cheap place to visit, but if you do your homework and choose the right vacation package, you can see the rich history and culture of some of the most popular areas of Europe, quite affordably. Here are some to consider:

Touring Italy on a Budget

Italy is the land of art, ancient history and, of course, delectable food and wine. Because it is such a rich and vibrant country, it is not the first place to come to mind when choosing a budget vacation destination, but you can tour Italy affordably if you are careful. The key to this is to hit the highlights, rather than trying to see and do it all. Visiting Venice, Rome, and Florence provides a look at all aspects of Italian culture, from the passion of the religious sector to the artistic side of the country and even the romance of Venice. Be sure to take a Gondola ride while in Venice, as this is something you can’t experience anywhere else. To see all of these cities in one convenient and affordable vacation, consider the Best of Italy package.

Rome, Florence and Venice Italy

Experience France for Cheap

France is the destination of choice for those who love fashion and fine food. Consider staying in Paris for your best bet in seeing the country on a budget. You will experience quintessential French culture and have the opportunity to take some day trips, without extensive travel costs, if you stick to one location. Take a ride to the top of the Eiffel Tower, see the Arc de Triomphe, visit Notre-Dame de Paris, or take in some culture at the Louvre while enjoying the sights of this historic city. With Paris at Its Best, you can fly to Paris and stay for a week for less than $900*!

Paris France

Drive the Streets of England Affordably

Whether you enjoy the city streets of London or spend some time driving through the beautiful countryside, the wonders of England are worth experiencing. This is a country where history and architecture live alongside beautiful natural wonders, and you are going to want the freedom to explore. Spend your time seeing the history of Buckingham Palace, trying to get a peek at the Royal Family, or spend a day driving through the hills and farmlands that provide some of the country’s most picturesque views. The England Fly & Drive is the ideal choice for this, providing round trip airfare and a rental car with unlimited mileage, all for a very little investment.

England Budget Vacation

Travel in Ireland for Less

Ireland is a land of contrasts. It is rich with historic treasures, as castles line almost every hillside, yet it also has a vibrant city scene in Dublin and similar urban destinations. It’s also a land where deep green hills beckon travelers to search for their own pot of gold, and the legendary hospitality of the Irish people makes visitors feel welcome. And you don’t need good luck to travel to Ireland affordably! All you need is the Amazing Ireland vacation package. With this particular trip, you can even sleep in an actual Irish castle!

Budget Ireland Vacations

Get Away to Iceland

Have you ever seen a fjord or dipped your feet in a geothermal pool alongside a black sand beach? Are the Northern Lights on your “things to see” bucket list? A getaway to Iceland will let you do all of this, and for less than you think. If you are looking for budget travel vacation ideas and want something unique, then Iceland should be among the budget travel destinations you consider. This unforgettable natural experience is complemented by the distinctly urban feel of Reykjavik, and our Iceland Getaway lets you experience it all!

Cheap Iceland Vacations

Experience the Americas on a Budget

Have you been dreaming of a tropical vacation? You will be surfside to learn that you can afford it! Whether you choose a South or Central American destination, these budget travel destinations will have your needs covered.

See Chili at Its Finest

Chili embraces what South America is all about, and Santiago, its capital city, is at the heart of it all. Filled with breathtaking architecture, both modern and historic, and a laid-back atmosphere that will help you to relax, Santiago is a place you will instantly fall in love with. Whether you tour the iconic Church of San Francisco, the city’s oldest, or taste the exotic ice cream of Emporio La Rosa, the city has much for you to explore. Choose the Santiago Escape to see Chili affordably.

Chile Vacation on a Budget

Explore Peruvian Culture

Peru is unique among South American countries, with a distinctive culture that you have to experience to understand. Lima, the City of Kings, is an ideal place in which to get a true taste of this culture. Here you can shop for everything, from alpaca sweaters to fine art at one of the many markets around the city; lounge on a cliff overlooking the sea or tour a historic mansion. The nightlife is distinctively Latin, but welcoming at the same time. Check out the Lima Escape to see how Peru can be among your choices for cheap vacations.

Peru Budget Vacation

Tour the Rainforests of Costa Rica

If you really want a tropic vacation, then head to Costa Rica. Here you can lounge on the beach in the shade of a palm tree all day, then head into the city to see the sights and the nightlife after dark. Be sure to experience the flora and fauna at the Manuel Antonio National Park, where you just might spot a dolphin or coatimundis in its natural habitat! The five-day, four-night Costa Rican Beach Escape makes this relaxing reality yours for much less than you might think.

Budget Vacations to Costa Rica

See Exotic Asia Affordably

The distinctive scents of incense waft through the streets of the city while colorful clothing beckons from shops around every corner. This is Asia, and this is something you can experience as you look for affordable vacations.

Taste the Many Flavors of Japan

Japan is a unique destination, with its unique blend of traditional culture and modern technological advances. Standing out in Japan is the vibrant city of Tokyo, which embraces the culture of traditional Japan while also embracing the modern scene with its high-rise buildings that sit alongside Buddhist temples with centuries of history. The scents of fresh flowers are dizzying at the world-famous botanical gardens, while the nightlife and shopping scenes offer an array of choices that are hard to take in all at once. Spend some time exploring this city with the Tokyo Escape.

Japan Vacations For Less

Experience Dubai for Yourself

Ride on the back of a camel with skyscrapers in the background or tour a traditional Arabic farm. Shop at the Mall of the emirates, try your hand at skiing in the desert, and see the sights from the top of the world’s tallest building. In Dubai, if you can imagine it, you can probably do it. See it all for less than you think with the affordable Dubai at Its Best tour.

Budget Dubai Vacations

As you can see, budget travel destinations can be much more exotic than you may have thought. If you are shopping for affordable vacations, make sure you consider these tours and destinations. Your next adventure awaits!


* All airline related taxes and fuel surcharges are included. Prices are per person, based on double occupancy, and are subject to change prior to purchase. Some foreign authorities require fees at arrival or departure that must be collected directly from the passengers at the airport. Airline-imposed baggage fees may apply and be due at the airport; please consult your airline prior to departure for the latest fees.

6 international shopping destinations you need to check out

Top International Shopping Destinations

When we think of travel we think of the experience. We don’t think about the shopping we do or the souvenirs we bring home to remind us of the trip. What better way to share those experiences with your friends and family this holiday season?
You can even bring them with you… or just keep everything for yourself.

Swiss Alps

Why go here? Chocolate & Holiday Markets
Ride the chocolate train, walk the Christmas Markets, pick up chocolates, candies and trinkets for your friends and family back home (maybe something extra for yourself, we won’t tell).

Swiss Alps


Why go here? Luxury Shopping & Wine
Designer clothing and some of the best wine in the world can be found in Italy. Find the latest clothing trends in Milan and grab some wine in Tuscany. Your friends will love these gifts.

Tuscany Italy


Why go here? Lower Exchange Rates
Recently there’s been a drop in the exchange rate, which means everything you buy in the UK costs a little less. Shop until your heart (or wallet) is content. Head to Oxford Street to walk between stores like Gap and Gucci, but don’t forget to grab something special for your loved ones back home.

Tower Bridge in London


Why go here? Gold
Walk the the Gold Souk in Dubai to find something for everyone on your list. These markets have a variety of gold options including bracelets, necklaces, rings, and  a number of different colors including white, pink, and green. With over 400 stores, it’s no wonder this place is called the city of gold.

Dubai skyline

Buenos Aires

Why go here? Leather
Argentina has an amazing leather scene, and you’re in luck, because the exchange rate works in your favor. Prune is one store you should visit; they sell almost all types of leather accessories your family will love.

Buenos Aires Bright Buildings


Hong Kong

Why go here? Designer clothes & handbags
Look for the street markets to find clothes and handbags from local designers. These are often young and trendy, but can’t be found in a mall. For a unique shopping experience head to Temple St at night.

Hong Kong Skyline

What will you choose? Winter Retreat or Tropical Getaway

Winter Retreat or Tropical Getaway

Summer is winding down, kids are getting ready to head back to school, and you’re thinking about that winter holiday you need to take this year. Should you stay home, snuggle by the fire, and make popcorn with the family? Perhaps you’ll travel to a friend or family member’s house?

We think you’re going to want a vacation, luckily there are tons of possibilities this winter, no matter what type of traveler you are! You can find a holiday retreat filled with traditions, sparkly lights, and chilly morning strolls. Or, you can grab a paperback and find that perfect place to relax on a sandy beach, watch the waves roll in with a piña colada, and bring out those shorts for the warmer weather. No matter how you’re looking to spend the holidays, we’ve got a vacation just for you!

Where do you want to go?

Find me a Winter Retreat

Take Me to a Tropical Getaway


Winter Retreats

Embrace the brisk air and use your time to experience the world around you. Visit the monuments with a slight dusting of snow, take in the northern lights, or visit your favorite museums (without the crowds might I add) this holiday season. Grab your jacket and a warm cup of hot apple cider, because we’ve got our top winter vacations picked just for you!



Experience the festive magic of Prague


Why you should go? Christmas Markets

Join the winter festivities. Browse the markets for brightly decorated and traditional handicrafts, watch the city light up at night and get into the holiday spirit with the locals.




Celebrate new traditions on a Roman holiday


Why you should go? La Befana the Witch

Leave Santa behind. Learn the story of La Befana, the Italian Christmas Witch. Celebrate with the Feast of Epiphany, and you might see her fly around on her broom the night before.



Innsbruck Austria Winter Sports Package

Innsbruck is calling all winter-sports enthusiasts


Why you should go? Winter Activities

This quiet town comes to life during the winter. They’ve got everything from skiing and snowshoeing to ice climbing and tobogganing. End the night in front of the fire with a cup of cocoa and a snack.


Norway Northern Lights Package


Journey to Norway to see the ballet of dancing lights

Why you should go? The northern lights

Grab your camera, turn off the flash, and get ready for a light show like you’ve never seen. Wander the snowy roads as you learn the myths and legends behind this ballet of dancing colors.


Winter in Japan Vacation Package


Let Japan light up your holiday season

Why you should go? City Illuminations

Most people put up lights for the holiday, but no one does lights like Japan. Walk around Tokyo as the sun sets to see the lights come to life around the city.




Beijing Winter Retreat



Experience a new twist on history in Beijing

Why you should go?  History & snow

A new take on the Great Wall, Forbidden City, and all of Beijing’s historic attractions as you enjoy the views and tours with a dusting of snow.


Tropical Getaways

Tired of the rain and snow, or just need a little “me time”? We get it! Escape the winter blues and head to these tropical retreats for a winter pick-me-up. Whether you are looking for a beach escape or just some downtime in a warm place, we’ve got tropical packages designed just for you.

Rio Vacation Package

Escape the crowds in Rio De Janeiro

Why you should go? Minimal crowds

Spend your time relaxing on the beach with your toes in the water, or hike to the top of the mountain to see Christ the Redeemer. Either way, the crowds will be minimal and the weather will be beautiful.



Buenos Aires Winter Vacations



Breath in spring in Buenos Aires

Why you should go? Rose Garden

Bring an extra sense of tranquility to your vacation as you wander through the rose garden. Enjoy the lush green spaces colored from over 1,000 species of roses, designed to create Zen spaces.



South Africa Winter Escape

Cape Town Kite Adventure 

Why you should go?  Kite Festival

Grab a seat and watch expert kite operators, from around the world, compete in the largest Kite Festival in Africa. You’ll see everything from cartoon kites and incredible stunts to Rokkaku kite battles.



Thailand Festival Vacations



Leave your misfortune in Thailand

Why you should go? Festivals

The Loy Krathong and the Yee Peng Festival include floating candles on the river and releasing lanterns into the sky to carry away your bad luck. After these spiritual releases, head to the beach to further unwind.



Start 2017 in New Zealand



 Start your new year in New Zealand

Why you should go? Ring in the New Year

New Year’s is filled with friends, resolutions, fireworks, and this year – a beautiful destination. Celebrate on the beach or head a little out of town to watch the skyline light up.





Australian art lover’s escape

Why you should go? Sculpture’s on the beach

Walk the beach, enjoy the ocean breeze, and see all the incredible sculpture artwork. Sculpture by the sea is free to get in and features artists from around the world.





Not seeing where you want to go this holiday? Create your own vacation with our customer vacation builder.